The People’s Playlist Dance Party is a night out for adults who enjoy good music and dancing. The playlist is crowdsourced– by the attendees.  Buy a ticket (five bucks!) and tell the DJ what you want to hear. We take all the requests and finangle them into a playlist that best represents the majority.

There are just a few rules.

First of all, to submit your playlist you need to buy a ticket and show up at the party. You don’t get to pick songs if you won’t be there to enjoy them!

Second, the music needs to be dance music. That rules out all the great music you love but most people won’t dance to.  Toe-tapping and humming don’t count! If it doesn’t make you want to jump out of your chair and boogie, don’t include it.

Third, the organizers admit their biases up front: we don’t want club, electronic, hiphop or other “music” recently packaged for kids or gangstas. This rules out anything you might hear on “contemporary hit radio”. Also ruled out is anything starting with a dude mumbling “Yeah” or a gal going on about her booty. 🙂

So why are we doing this? Well, it’s winter and a damn cold one. So we all need a good dance party to keep the extremities warm.

Also we want to create a dance environment that doesn’t include wedding songs, high heels, or neckties, annoying DJs, deafening volume, or silent auctions.

We will play music everyone wants to hear. And we’ll know in advance exactly what you want to hear ’cause you’ll have told us.

The ticket price is simply a way to get people to show up. After we pay for snacks, all the money raised goes to charity. Along with your playlist you also get to tell us what organization you’d like us to donate the profits to. We will pick the most popular one. If this first dance is a success we’ll hold more, and donate the money to other charities, based on your choices.