Bev Wagar
Ecological Plant Knowledge - Natives
Field Trip Assignment / Plant ID
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Jump to Sketches Plants were photographed at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington Ontario, on October 16, 2018.

Plant #1 - Fagus grandiflora / American Beech

beech tree habit
Fagus grandiflora in the Kippax Garden at Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. The acquisition year was 2008, so this tree is probably 13 to 15 years old. The trunk circumference is 21".
beech tree leaves
American beech leaves and branches. Tree casts a dense shade.
beech tree leaves and buds
Leaf closeup showing pointy buds and distinct serrated ; margins.
beech tree trunk
Trunk. Smooth, mottled bark of young tree.

Plant #2 - Thuja occidentalis / Eastern White Cedar

Thuja occidentalis
Thuja occidentalis 'Fastigiata'. This Eastern White Cedar is a cultivar, a narrower version of the already columnar form of the species
Thuja occidentalis bark and trunk
Detail of bark and multi-trunk.
Thuja occidentalis leaves and cones
Detail of fan-like branches with scale-like leaves. Second photo shows mature seed cones, empty now.

Plant #3 - Diervilla lonicera / Northern Bush Honeysuckle

Diervilla lonicera habit
Sprawling habit of Diervilla lonicera
Diervilla lonicera habit
Another shot showing branching. This one has not started showing its usually bright fall colours
Diervilla lonicera leaves
Closeup of branch and leaves.

Plant #4 - Symphiotrichum cordifolium / Heartleaf Aster

habit of heart leaf aster
Heartleaf aster in Kippax Garden at RBG. Growing in understory, quite shady.
aster closeups
Inflorescence panicle and closeup of flower
aster leaf closeup
Leaf closeup. Fine hairs create a velvety feel that obscures the venation.
aster panicle white background
Branch showing leaf arrangement. The lower leaves are much larger than the upper ones.


beech sketch
Sketch of Fagus grandiflora leaf.
thuja sketch
Sketch of Thuja occidentalis leaf.
diervilla sketch
Sketch of Diervilla lonicera leaf.
aster sketch
Sketch #1 of Symphyotrichum cordifolium leaf. scroll down for second sketch
aster sketch
Sketch #2 of Symphyotrichum cordifolium flower